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July 25, 2007

Various and sundry: all of July, basically

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Well, I managed to distract myself from posting these things for a month. Fairly amazing, really. In that time I’ve . . .

. . . finished two books (Love Is A Mix Tape and Perfect From Now On) and started a third (Isaac Asimov’s Prelude to Foundation.) I won’t bother with details here – I already did that over there.

. . . saw Transformers. Quick review: awesome. Stupid, but awesome anyway.

. . . begun a brand new series that everyone should read. I’m jumping in the way-back machine and exploring my complicated relationship with music in a new series of posts I’m calling Re:Collection. I just started last week, but I hope to have something new every week. It’s not just about music, for those of you who opt not to read the Lookout – it’s about my life. Music is as important a part of my life as nearly anything else, and it deserved to have some special attention paid to as to why.

. . . bought a pool! After seven long years without water to swim in, we finally gave in and bought a relatively cheap, above-ground vinyl pool from everyone’s most-hated store, Walmart, who had it much, much cheaper than anyone else. Twelve feet in diameter, three feet in depth, nearly 2000 gallons of water – it’s not Olympic by any means, but it gets us wet and cool, and Amanda loves it. Now if only these monsoon storms would go away so we could actually swim in it after work. (Alissa just alerted to me via email that her mom, who is watching her this week, reports that Amanda said, while having her swimmies put on in preparation for going in their pool, said, “Water safety.” Bill Cosby was right – kids do say the darnedest things.)

. . . planned a vacation! A real vacation, not a “fakation” like I took back in late May. No, this time we’re actually leaving Phoenix and heading to the summer home of Phoenicians, San Diego. We spent a good deal of time on the decision of whether to fly or drive, but in the end it just made a lot more sense to drive over – we could get a much nicer hotel, could take practically whatever we wanted with us, and we wouldn’t have to deal with the dilemma of getting Amanda’s stroller, car seat, and Pack-n-play onto a plane (because there’s no way we’re dealing with whatever the hotels have to offer – who knows what other people’s kids have done in those things, and you know they don’t clean them like they should.) So this time in August, we’ll be packing up to leave for a 5 day stay in Sandy Eggo. Plans are to hit Seaworld, the San Diego Zoo, and see the aircraft carrier USS Midway, which has been turned into a giant walkthrough museum. Oh, and rest.


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