Known Johnson

August 3, 2007

Every Sperm is Sacred

Filed under: General — Tom @ 10:21 am

The Duggars, who may be known by some from the Discovery/TLC/Discovery Health/Discovery Lots Of Babies/whatever channel(s) show “We Have a Lot of Children and We Can’t Stop,” have had their 17th kid this week. All of the kids in this family are between 2 and 17. If you’re doing the math, that’s one kid a year since 1990 (there are, however, two sets of twins in the family, so they got a break for a couple of years.) It’s like a collection. They want to see if they can collect the whole set of possibilities in their gene pool. Maybe they’ll contact Brad and Angelina or Madonna to see if one of them wants to trade some of their collections.

I’m getting visions of The Meaning of Life‘s “The Miracle of Birth” where the baby just falls out of the mother while she’s washing dishes . . .


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