Known Johnson

August 17, 2007

“A little monkey comes out . . . “

Filed under: TV — Tom @ 8:19 am

For absolutely no reason other than it’s funny as hell:


Here’s the story behind this outtake:

Tim Conway: Well there was this time we were doing this sketch where the last line was “elephant”. The director said, “Now, Tim, we’re short on time so I just want you to say ‘elephant’ and that’s it.” So the first take I told this story about these two Siamese twin elephants that were joined at the trunk. And it was really sad because they couldn’t make any noise, because when one blew his trunk it blew the other one’s brains out. Now this was about a two minute bit. So the next take, the director said, “Now, Tim, I mean it this time. At the end of the skit I just want you to say, ‘elephant’ that’s all!” So, of course the next time the bit got longer and longer and it involved monkeys doing the Merengue on the elephants’ trunks and . . .

(stolen from Aisle Say)


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