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August 24, 2007

Randomly noticed things/complaints post

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At a restaurant not too long ago, I got a kick out of watching a family of four that came in shortly after us. The two kids had their Ipod-type devices’ headphones on the entire time, mom and dad weren’t talking, and, in fact, pretty much the entire time we were there no one acknowledged anyone else at the table. RANDOM!

When merging, drivers will do nearly anything to avoid being behind me. I’m starting to get a complex – does my truck smell or something? If not, get the hell behind me and quit cutting me off (especially when there’s 200 feet of open space behind me but a mere car-lenghth’s room between me and the next car)! COMPLAINT!

My building at work is terrorized by someone who apparently wishes to be known as “The Booger Bandit.” I know this because he actually wrote “The Booger Bandit was here” on a bathroom stall wall, I assume after creating his latest masterpiece. His reputation precedes him, as even women know who he is, and I’m going to have to assume that he’s not leaving his calling card in their restroom. He has, however, recently expanded his canvas to include doors and walls outside of the bathroom, which just proves the point the police often make about how criminals will grow more and more brazen as they elude capture. While this guy being caught would be a relief, I’m also worried about finding out who exactly it is that’s doing this – because, you know, it might be someone I know and had occasion to touch him or things he’s given to me. I’d much prefer the behavior to just stop, but like most criminal and/or disgusting behavior, that’s going to require that the Bandit hit rock bottom. I do admire his tenacity, however. I mean, the someone that is doing this obviously hears the commentary about his actions and continues. I’d think hearing people say things like, “Man, I saw that the Booger Bandit struck again – looks like he’s got a runny nose this week” would kind of get to you after a while. But not this guy! RANDOM! COMPLAINT!

There are more people named Bob Pringle than I would have originally guessed. RANDOM!


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