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September 23, 2007

Whine On (You Lazy Viewer)

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So I watched David Gilmour’s Remember That Night DVD last night . . . or I tried to. It appears that either my DVD player is woefully aged or there is something wrong with the first disc – I couldn’t get further than “Fat Old Sun” in the second half of the show. The video started breaking up, then the disc froze over and over, and then it would jump back to midway through the second set’s opener, “Shine on You Crazy Diamond.” I’m not alone. But it works okay in my computer – annoying. I don’t want to sit in front of my monitor to watch this thing. But that fact alone causes me to believe that our 8 year old DVD player may be on its last legs.

Otherwise, this thing is stunningly beautiful. Filmed by David Mallet (who also filmed this week’s release of U2’s Popmart DVD set,) the show has just the right beautifully hazy quality that fits Gilmour and Pink Floyd’s music. It’s a shame I had to give up watching it – the whole thing was just mesmerizing.

After the RtN debacle, I opted to switch it out for the aforementioned Popmart DVD, which was equally visually gorgeous. Some buyers are already complaining about film grain and sometimes murky visuals, but that’s just how David Mallet works. I think it looks fantastic – it feels like something really special, unlike the super-crisp, overly-digital look of many new concert DVDs. Maybe it’s just me – I prefer my concert DVDs to look like film. It makes the show look like a real event, something extra special that got the actual film treatment.

Unfortunately, I only got through nine songs of the U2 DVD before I just had to call it a night – Alissa was home from her ASU football game, we watched a few more songs, and that was it. I’m just not able to stay up late like I used to. So U2, and I guess Gilmour, will have to wait for another day.

Oh, and if anyone was curious, my rip of the two Gilmour DVDs in this set amounts to four audio discs. Two discs for the concert-proper, another for about 60 minutes of audio (leftovers of the RAH show and a handful of tracks from the Mermaid Theatre,) and one more disc for the remaining 22 minutes. That’s right, it almost fit on 3 discs, but that remaining two minutes forced it over to a separate disc, so I just paired all the “various locations” tracks on it. I did leave off one track, “This Heaven,” from the AOL Sessions, as it is available on my just-acquired “deluxe edition” of On an Island (along with the rest of the AOL Sessions,) so for those who are ripping this disc and want this track, prepare for an additional 5 minutes or so. Also be aware that one of these bonus tracks is a very hidden easter egg in the form of an acoustic version of “Echoes” from Live At Abbey Road, which starts off goofy like it’s just an outtake, then becomes an excerpt of the real deal. Floyd fans will want this badly, and if you’re using DVD Audio Extractor, it’s track 1 of Chapter 13.

Now, when are we going to get Delicate Sound of Thunder on DVD?


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