Known Johnson

September 29, 2007

I found the secret to Ipod/Itunes happiness . . .

Filed under: Music — Tom @ 7:13 pm

Or maybe it’s just some sort of OCD inspired need to keep track of everything – is there a difference, really? Who else cares about the powers of Itunes other than probably-OCD freaks like me? For the past three years, I’ve shunned the thought of automatically syncing my Ipod to Itunes, since I have way, waaaaay more in Itunes than my Ipod could ever hope of holding. But in talking with a coworker the other day about his Nano, I realized I had completely missed something that should have made perfect sense. You see, there’s something that you miss out on when you go completely manual on your Ipod – Itunes never, ever keeps track of what you’ve played. And since I don’t listen to much music on my computer, in Itunes it looks as if I never listen to music. My Ipod, on the other hand, reveals the truth about my listening habits. And that’s where my coworker comes into the equation. He mentioned using a playlist to fill his Nano, rather than drag music in manually, despite having more music than his Ipod could hold. And then I realized what I’d been missing out on for so long. I came home, Restored my Ipod, and set up a playlist into which I dragged a bunch of music that I thought I’d want to listen to. I drove around today listening to my audio rip of the U2 Popmart live DVD, then came home tonight and, before I synced up, dragged a few more things into my playlist. I connected my Ipod, watched Itunes sync the playlist, and then checked the play count for Popmart in Itunes. All tracks listed “1”, and a look in my Ipod revealed that the stuff I’d dropped in my playlist was in there. Damn. There’s three years of playcount-tracking that could have been really interesting to check out that I never knew I could do. Oh well. That all begins now, as if I’ve wiped my previous music-world slate clean.


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