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October 4, 2007

Words with a D this time

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Dialog, dualogue, diatribe . . .

If I am not blessed with good feet, I am blessed with good luck – at least sometimes. I may have been out to see the doctor for my aching feet, but afterward, on my way back to work I made a quick diversion to a nearby Zia when I felt the need call out to me. Something was there for me, I just knew it. I get these feelings sometimes, see. I can’t explain it, I just know that I have to go. It’s like I’m psychic for music, only I don’t know what it is that my sixth-sense is telling me I’m looking for.

Once there, it seemed obvious that my re-ignited interest in Aphex Twin was working with the universe for some kind of karmic intervention, placing a used copy exactly the album I wanted to hear at the right place and at the right price – 2001’s drukqs, the electronic weirdo’s final release of new music which I’d sold back a few years ago when I was in a particularly “only the necessities” mood regarding my collection. (Basically, they beat the prices of the used selection on Amazon and, which surprised me given the overwhelmingly negative reaction this set has gotten from listeners. I figured I’d have my pick of low-dollar copies. Wrong – it seems that while hard-core fans may have hated it, the buying public at large still enjoys it a lot.)

But that wasn’t all. I made a quick pass of the jazz section, as I always do, for once in a while there’s a gem to be found, and sure enough that proved to be true today. I made it to the Ds before adding anything to Aphex Twin in the purchase pile, but it was a no-brainer. There, in the Miles Davis section, was the bright red spine of the 6 CD Cellar Door Sessions. “But you already have that!” you might say, if you’re in the know, and you’re right. The thing is, I couldn’t pass this up for a couple of reasons – not only was it used, but it was sealed. So what, you think – there are probably lots of copies like this. Not for $12.99 there aren’t. That’s right, for $13 I was getting a full, brand new box set. I have no idea how a pricing error like this occured, but I put that sucker in my hand, nervously checking all three price tags on the box to make sure they all agreed. $12.99 everywhere. I couldn’t believe it, but I took it to the counter anyway. It rang up correctly – that is to say, correct according to the tags.

Sometimes it pays to just listen to your instincts. Ebay, here I come – unless someone comes along and convincingly begs me out of this. While I’d love to make lots of money on it, I have to believe that if I was meant to find it when I already own it, I have to be prepared for someone I know who needs it to voice a desire for it. Fair is, after all, fair. I’ll be repaid in kind somewhere down the road again. But you don’t have long!


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