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October 12, 2007

Christmas on Nov. 20?

Filed under: Music,News — Tom @ 10:14 am

MusicTap reports that the biggest one, to me, at least, is – finally – what appears to be the start of the remasters campaign of U2’s catalog with The Joshua Tree in three formats: CD, deluxe two-CD, and really deluxe-deluxe two-CD/1-DVD, along with a vinyl version for you junkies. Let’s hope the rest of the catalog follows not too long after this.

All I can say is, it’s about friggin’ time. They’re one of the last really big, important acts to not have the much-needed remastering treatment. After that, I think it’s time for the Beatles, don’t you?

Considerably less exciting is the next installment of the Genesis remaster/surround-sound treatment on the same day (the 1983-1997 albums). This round upgrades the self-titled 1983 album, the best of the lot, Invisible Touch, We Can’t Dance, and the surprisingly decent post-Phil Collins Calling All Stations. All have DVDs with the surround stuff as well as bonus material. The self-titled, unsurprisingly, is the most interesting – it has an hour of rehearsal footage from the Mama tour along with videos from the album. The rest have really piddling bonus material – seriously, they should be kind of embarrassed about these less-than-stellar albums having such lackluster bonus material when the first grouping of albums released (the ones from 1976-1982, which, aside from Abacab, had pretty cool bonus stuff.) What they should have done was save this set for last and instead released in time for Christmas the era pretty much everyone is waiting for – 1970-1974, the Peter Gabriel years. What were they thinking?

And there’s going to be a two-disc live Opeth album. I find myself a bigger fan of the quieter moments when vocalist Mikael Ă…kerfeldt (I had to copy that to get the verkumpterflet – I made that word up – over the A) sings rather than growl/yells, so no one should be too surprised that the all-singing, all-amazing Damnation is my favorite. But I’m a big fan of their technical expertise as well, so I listen through the vocal elements that aren’t my favorite for the things that are.

And, of course, finally, there’s expanded The Song Remains the Same on DVD. I would be thrilled to hear that this was just the concert and not the goofy fantasy segments. Does anybody really want to see that stuff? It’s kind of funny and charming in a “wow, the 70s were a weird time” way but wouldn’t it be just so rewarding to finally just see the concert, and only the concert, now? Regardless, having all the songs that were played should make this feel considerably less like the meandering mess it has been for so long, especially in CD form where the focus is solely on the music. Expect to see some big price wars that week, if not special bonus deals from the various big-box stores.

All on Nov. 20, people.



  1. The U2 news seriously made my day. I have half a post written somewhere about my “wishlist,” and U2 re-mastering — TJT in particular — is high upon it.

    I didn’t really think they would let the 20th pass without doing something. This is spectacular news.

    Comment by Josh — October 15, 2007 @ 8:56 am | Reply

  2. I’m really looking forward to finding out some details on this one. I can’t imagine what’s going to fill out the second disc, but a part of me kind of hopes they put the album back in its original proposed running order on the first. Not gonna happen, I know, but wouldn’t that be cool? We’ve got two of the four tracks on the Best of 1980-90 and the other two were part of that Itunes “box”, so I’m guessing we’ll be able to piece that together ourselves now. And what could the DVD be?

    (Incidentally, I just watched the Classic Albums show on this album. Absolutely fascinating. Any fan needs to see this – it will shine a whole new light on the album and the band.)

    Comment by Tom — October 15, 2007 @ 6:12 pm | Reply

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