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October 15, 2007

October resolution

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I’ve begun reading musician/producer Brian Eno’s A Year With Swollen Appendices* again, after having started it once before. I do this – I start things and stop them, being easily distracted by, well, I don’t know. It’s just my way. I try to change, but I fail. I will have to learn to deal with being easily distracted.

As I was saying (speaking of easily distracted) I began reading this book, a diary of one year in his life, and realized that what I was lacking on this site was simply the day to day, maybe boring, mundane, but real details of life that paint a picture, rather than just present goofy little tangents and links like I have been lately. Really, there’s no benefit in that, and all it looks like to me, on the outside, is a dying website. This site will not die.

I resolved that I will make every sensible effort to write something worthwhile every day from now on, starting today, with this post. It might not be fascinating to everyone else, but something happens every day that is worth noting, something that forms one of the gears in the clock that pushes the hands of time forward. I really can’t see why anyone would bother reading this site otherwise, honestly. I can’t promise something everyday, but I’m going to really try. It’s my Oct. 15 resolution.

So here are some things that happened:

I got a flu shot today. I was actually very happy about this. I willingly offered my arm up to the needle-bearing lady and let her stab me. It didn’t hurt a bit. Perhaps my months of allergy treatments are working – I no longer fear needles quite like I used to.

This weekend, Amanda and I, on our own because Alissa went to a game with her dad and brother, went to Target and bought a popcorn popper. I haven’t been this excited about a purchase in a long time, and we’ve already used it twice. Alissa agrees it makes superior popcorn than the old “pot on stove” method. Seriously, why doesn’t everyone own one of these?

While there, I got Amanda a Mr. Potatohead. She’s never expressed even the slightest interest in him, but I just had a feeling, so into the cart he went. When we got home, I took him out of his box and his featureless, lumpy shape immediately grew a big grin on her face. She was fascinated, silent, as I put his pieces on, and when I suggested we could take him apart, she blurted out “No! No no no!” and scooped him up. When I put her to bed, she got upset that he wasn’t sleeping. I offered to lay him down, but he needed a blanket, she insisted. I decided it would be best to take him out of the room, so I told him that he wanted to go sleep in her dollhouse, and he’d be waiting for her when she got up. This is the only thing that got her to calm down, and after I reassured her a couple times that I would put a blanket on him, she finally went back to sleep.

*Seriously? $38.99 used on Amazon? I didn’t even know this was out of print. I bought this for a few bucks years ago. Weird. Man, what people will pay for things.


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