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October 16, 2007

Confucius say

Filed under: General — Tom @ 9:41 am

Amanda woke up mostly okay today. She woke up yesterday, see, and Alissa got her up while I was brushing my teeth, and since she’s wearing her old glasses, she didn’t see what I got to see – the giant, greenish-yellow snot-stashe under Amanda’s nose. We’d heard her breathing heavily as she slept, but sometimes she just does that. We just did not expect to see Amanda sporting the crust yesterday. I dreaded what this morning would bring – yesterday it took several minutes of aggressive wiping to get the dried-on snot off, and Alissa needed to leave a bit early. Luckily, Amanda was snot-free today. I did worry, however, that on the way to grandma’s that Amanda would have a massive sneeze blowout – those are seriously the worst.

I’m actually a little sore in the armpit today, the right armpit, and I can only guess it’s from my flu shot yesterday, which was in my right arm.

Fortune from Sunday night’s Chinese food reads: “You will travel to many exotic places.” Well, if Tempe qualifies . . . I am, however, really looking forward to summer, 2008, as one of the other cookies’ fortunes read “Next summer you will dance to a different beat.” I guess I’d better learn to dance first, or that could be a mess.


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