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October 17, 2007

A spray to keep the doctor away

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For those hoping to be kept up-to-date on the illness front, you’re in luck: Amanda had a bit of a cough this morning, but otherwise seemed okay, while Alissa now seems to have enough of something to warrant the need for cough drops.

On the cough drops issue, I bought these cheap ones from Walgreens some time ago and found it hilarious that they attempted to mimic the Hall’s packaging, right down the wax-paper wrapper on the lozenges themselves. I really have to get a picture of one of these because you have to see how similar they are – Walgreens even copied the font and everything, including the particular way Hall’s slants their name in their logo, only instead of “Hall’s” it says simply “COUGH DROPS.”

Alissa hates these cough drops. I am cheap and figure that everything tastes bad while I’m sick. She, however, can taste the difference. You do get what you pay for, apparently.


I get to take Amanda to get a flu shot/spray-up-the-nose (not sure which they’re doing.) If it’s a shot . . . well, it’s going to be a crappy afternoon. If it’s a spray, it will be good – Amanda, for whatever reason, seems to really enjoy nose spray (we know this because, when she’s really stopped up good, we spray some of that saline nose spray up her nose, and it makes her smile every time. Kids are weird.)


If you’re going to buy the DVD of Transformers, be sure and do so at Target, where you get this cool-but-dorky transformable case.


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