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October 18, 2007

Beware Best Buy

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I had a huge Reward Zone coupon to redeem, so I decided to splurge on the Megadeth Warchest five-disc box set that I’ve been wanting since it came out a few weeks back. I checked and it said that a store right by work had it (one of only two in the entire Phoenix area to have it), and it was priced at $49.99 on sale. On my way out to pick up Amanda, I stopped by to pick it up, and found it marked at $57.99. No surprise there – that’s the regular price, and Best Buy rarely puts sale tags on things. I was sure it would ring up correctly. Wrong – it came up full price, and I told the cashier that it was on sale online. She checked, and came back saying the “local price is $57.99.”

I don’t know if anyone else is aware or not, but Best Buy is fighting a lawsuit under which they are accused of bait-and-switch tactics with regards to their online and instore websites. Basically, they show a lower price which gets you to go into the store, and then in the store the item is a higher price, and if you ask, they say that the price is an online-only price. It’s one thing if it’s a CD and it’s a few dollars higher, but it’s another entirely when you’re buying a fridge that’s marked down by hundreds of dollars online. Most buyers lock onto whatever they had their sights set on and buy it anyway.

We wasted a few minutes while she went back and forth verifying prices until I didn’t have any more time to argue, but I knew that if I printed out the lower price, I could go back in with my receipt they would have to price match (which is pretty funny – price matching their own price!) The thing is that most people won’t do this – they get too busy, or forget, or whatever. And that’s the root of that lawsuit – Best Buy knows this and is taking advantage.

Even more confusing, it appears that there’s a third issue going on – not only is Best Buy deceiving people with their internet site and their store’s prices, they have an internal website with prices that reflect the sales-floor prices, which makes it pretty hard to make your case in the store that their website has a lower price.

What’s a buyer to do? Am I sersiously supposed to print out the page from their site every time I buy there something now? I don’t buy there like I used to (Amazon is my go-to source now), but once in a while I just need to have it now, or I get one of these Reward Zone things. But if I need to, I can probably almost completely swear off buying there – it’s these damned exclusives like this week’s Tom Petty DVD set that make it nearly impossible to do so.



  1. […] Oh, and beware Best Buy. […]

    Pingback by Known Johnson | Born on a desert floor, you’ve the deepest thirst » Blog Archive » A week of doctors — October 18, 2007 @ 9:17 am | Reply

  2. Amen, amen, amen, and again I say amen. We’ve both been there with these guys and I’ve grown equally tired of their bullshit. I bought the Petty set there and I vow to not darken their door until the next Stones exclusive inevitably surfaces there. I’m done with those a–holes.

    Comment by Josh — October 18, 2007 @ 1:51 pm | Reply

  3. Life’s too short, you know? This kind of frustration just isn’t worth it. I plan on getting my money back tomorrow and hopefully will not have to have a series of small strokes while doing so. And then I think that’s it until I happen to get another RZ certificate (I know one is coming soon) or these blasted exclusives. Amazon, Borders (occasionally – when coupons make the magic happen), and Zia will be my only sources of stuff from now on.

    Comment by Tom — October 19, 2007 @ 10:10 pm | Reply

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