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November 5, 2007

I’m in ur bowl eatin ur meatz

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Lightning in an aluminum can – that’s what it is. Our cats are 8 years old – we’ve had them as long as Alissa and I have been married – and as long as we’ve had them, we’ve fed them dry food on the advice of the vet who said it would be better for their teeth. Well, come to find out that’s not considered true anymore, nor the claims that dry food is better in any way whatsoever.

What about feeding your cat? In your book, you say dry food leaves cats dehydrated, causes obesity, makes them sick, and the like.

My big campaign is to get people off of dry food. The message of Cat Chat is: Think outside the bag. Dry food is kitty crack. It’s addictive, and incredibly harmful to your cat. Of course, that goes counter to everything your vet tells you, and everything that advertising tells you. But when you start to feed cats wet food, their personalities will change, anywhere from 10% to 100%, toward affectionate and relaxed.

I really didn’t see how this could be true. We leave the dry food out all the time and the cats graze, like the article mentions that cats shouldn’t, and when it’s not there, they get upset and bother us all the time until we put more down for them. But, occasionally, one of them horks up a wad of partially eaten cat food, which is really pretty gross – the smell, the chunks, the liquid – and, after some more reading, it’s starting to make some sense. Maybe they really don’t care that much for it, but eat it and want it all the time because that’s all they know. Who am I to say? I don’t eat that crap.

So over the weekend we bought some wet food, the first they’ve had in pretty much that entire 8 years, as far as I can remember, and I gave it to them last night. Insanity – as soon as I opened the can they were in there, buzzing around, swarming, purring and rubbing against me and trying to get at the sloppy little meat bits. When one bowl was done, I had to actively push them away from each other because they both wanted at the same bowl, which just wasn’t going to happen. As soon as I finished, I stood up and let them have at it. I expected the worst, honestly – I figured they’d fight over the food, wanting to consume all of it, but they didn’t – they ate in peaceful silence. And I fully expected that overnight they’d be bothering us for more food, but they didn’t. So maybe the article was right.

My one last concern was this morning, when I dumped another can of food in their bowls. I figured now, after they’ve experienced this apparent delight, smelly and awful as it seems to me, they would be fighting over it. Nope. Another peaceful meal. Jesus – all these years of restless nights from cats annoying us about food and it could have been prevented by gelatinous meat?


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