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November 10, 2007

Under wraps

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We left for a bit this morning while waiting for the painters to come do their thing, treating ourselves to a rare breakfast out at Waffle House. I can’t remember the last time I ate Waffle House, apparently, because nothing was as I thought it should be, so perhaps I have never eaten at Waffle House. Suffice it to say that they have chosen a good name for themselves – they sell waffles a-plenty and they were pretty damned good.

Unfortunately, and for whatever weird reason, Amanda disagreed and shook in disgust trying to down one tiny bite of a waffle. Let it be known that she happily gulps down Eggo waffles. I can’t say too much – I’m way more than merely picky myself, but this really did gast my flabber.

We stopped at Barnes & Noble while we were out, as they had bestowed upon me a 25% off coupon (awarded to me for buying Michael Brook’s amazing new BellCurve, which appears to be a B&A online exclusive. You can, however, get mp3s from Amazon.) Now I know why we prefer Borders – B&A’s selection sucks, both of books and music. Wow. I just saved myself an additional 75%.

We returned home to find half the house taped up, but no painting has begun. Amanda only realized something was going on when she heard sounds coming from the back of the house, after which she shyly offered “I scared.” I said it was nothing to worry about – just men we don’t know walking around our backyard, covering up our windows. I don’t supposed that helped much.

I hope the house gets painted today. Prospects are less positive – they got a late start and the main guy told me on the phone this morning that he was closing on a house, so he wanted to be here for the painting, and so he may want to hold off until tomorrow. I can’t say I disagree – I want the boss around too – but I do want this done quickly, if only so I can sleep. Seriously, I woke up at 4:30 this morning after Amanda woke up because something fell out of her crib and then I couldn’t fall back asleep again. I couldn’t keep from thinking of things that could go wrong. One fear that kept entering my mind: paint getting in the garage and covering our cars. There’s a pair of vents in the garage and unless they’re well-covered, my Ridgeline will be an unintentionally two-tone tan/green scheme. When we left this morning, I covered the vents with some boards that should block out any spray that makes it through, were they especially productive while we were gone. Hopefully they’ll be taking precautions, too, however. Regardless, I’m a worrier, and I’ll rest much easier with it’s all finished.

One thing I can say for certain is that it’s pretty weird being in a house in which the windows are covered in brown paper. It lends the interior an eerie, suffocatingly yellowish glow that makes me feel like a giant dust storm is imminent. It’s a bit weird to look out one of the doors and see a perfectly clear blue sky.


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