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November 15, 2007

Day of Thor

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Thursday is named after the Norse god of thunder. Fittingly, it rained (and thundered) today. Bastard clouds, raining all over my clean truck. Also: preventing (I assume – there was no message left indicating such) the repainting of our garage and front door. Bastard, bastard clouds.

Seven days from now we’ll all be bloated and sleepy from turkey over-indulgence. Is that as hard to believe for everyone else as it is for me? One week?! That means Christmas is just around the corner, another concept I have a hard time wrapping my head around right now.

Being a week from Thanksgiving, one of our local news stations is holding a food drive where you can bring a frozen turkey to donate to needy families so they too can celebrate next week. A nice gesture, of course. The thing that bothers both me and Alissa about it is that they’re also using these turkeys to turkey-bowl. There’s a little lane setup with ten pins at the end and you toss your Butterball like a bowling ball, trying to score a strike. I’m personally kind of disturbed by this. It’s food. It’s frozen, but it’s still being thrown around and slammed into the ground and other things. And it just seems disrespectful and distasteful. To me it says, “Sure, we want you needy people to eat turkey, but not great turkey. We’re going to mess it up first, bang it around a bit. You won’t mind, right? You’re hungry enough not to care, right?” Is it just me?

I’m busy spending my free time over at Amazon trying to tidy up my wish list for Alissa and the relatives. It’s harder this year than ever before, it seems. Strangely, I have less music than usual and a LOT of DVDs. Ordering them in some semblance of significance is very difficult, but there are always those things on any list that are must-haves while others are “nice to have.” Differentiating between the two is very difficult this time – I want it all equally. Where’s my Christmas spirit? “Gimme, gimme, gimme,” right? Hey, I’m giving, too. I just have to have a list for everyone else because I’m very difficult to buy for, and if I’m deciding things to choose from, it gets difficult.

I try to save my music talk for Lookout for Hope, but I just have to say, man, is this Joshua Tree deluxe edition expensive: $47.99 at Amazon, and about the same everywhere else. I used a 25% off coupon online at Barnes & Noble to get the cheapest deal I could find – $40 shipped. Just a tip.

I’m looking forward to moving at work tomorrow. I’m not, however, looking forward to packing up prior to moving. I’ve been there six years – I’ve got a lot of accumulated junk to lug around with me. Oh, sure, this could be a good time to clear out some unneeded stuff, but sometimes it’s just fun to keep it – like this now-comically huge cell phone that I got in 1997 (my first.) That’s just good stuff to keep in your desk to whip out at odd times. It really does take people by surprise how big they used to be – and that used to be small! Well over an inch thick, 6-7 inches tall, and surprisingly heavy, the thing is a brick. My current cellphone looks like a money clip next to this thing, and it’s not even the smallest out there. I can’t get rid of this old phone now – it’s practically a museum piece.


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  1. Bowling with frozen turkeys for the hungry is a shitty thing, I agree. Someone should start up a walk or march or list or something.

    Comment by bekah — November 16, 2007 @ 10:46 am | Reply

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