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November 19, 2007

I ain’t joking woman I got to ramble

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I had about a half-dozen things run through my head on the way home from work that I wanted to write about. By the time I actually sat down here, they just evaporated from my head. All I could remember was that I always particularly like that one line in Led Zeppelin’s “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” (because Amanda and I were listening to it on the way home.) Come on, it’s kind of funny – no one can say something like that today and sounds legit, but Plant and co., circa 1969? Totally boss.

And in similar news, I find myself way more excited than I thought I would be about the reissue/remaster/expansion of The Song Remains The Same, what used to be the band’s one and only live statement – and an extremely flawed one at that. Now, it’s all expanded and made a lot more like a real concert would have been, no longer just being the mess it was – a few normal length songs and a bunch no less than 11 minutes long with “Dazed and Confused” being an excruciating 27 freaking minutes (sorry, Zep-heads, I am just never going to love this song – I’ve been trying for 20 years and it will never happen, especially not a live version.) But the six extra songs that have been added now make the “normal length” songs out number the rambling, sprawling epics and solos, and I can justify that.

First day in the new building at work was . . . strange. It’s just odd to be in a new environment after so long in one spot. It’s very, very quiet there. At one point, I was listening to my Ipod with my in-ear headphones, which block out pretty much all outside noise, and took them off to the oddest sensation – it was almost like a vacuum, a complete absence of the usual ambient sounds. I’m not as opposed to noise as many others are. That’s just the sound of life going on around you, and it’s kind of pleasant to hear people talking and joking throughout the day. It’s a little odd to hear a complete lack of that. I’ll get used to it, and perhaps it’s simply my new presence in the building preventing me from fully picking up everything going on, but for right now, it’s an eerily silent place.

It is declared: the Christmas season has begun. I have a new criteria. For years, it was hearing Jose Feliciano’s “Feliz Navidad,” but that has become increasingly difficult lately, for some reason. Perhaps I am simply getting old and trying to hold on to some dated signifier of my childhood. Anyway . . . the future is now, and Christmas future announces itself with the things that are most prevalent in your world, and in our world I think it’s pretty safe to say that advertisements meet that criteria. One of the ads that proves inescapable in this season, and so earns the billing as the new official designator of the beginning of the true holiday season, is . . . The ‘Ove Glove. I saw the commercial tonight, and like The Clapper from years ago, the only time anyone would ever give a damn about this product is Christmas (however, I have to say, if it actually works, it’s not a bad idea . . . )

But the vending machine has Red Vines, and that was kind of an exciting thing to see. I can’t recall having ever seen Red Vines in a vending machine. Twizzlers, yes. Red Vines? No. And dammit if I didn’t have enough money to liberate one from the machine to check out. Tomorrow, perhaps.


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