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November 20, 2007

Venus and Mars

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I know Gmail has some huge amount of space allotted for each user, something like 4 gigabytes for me at this point, but I cannot resist deleting crap I don’t want, like emails from I think everyone who went to high school in the past 20 years signed up for this scam only to find out that they won’t actually give up any usable information without paying anything. Oh, sure, they’ll show you names, but if you want to read anything about anyone who actually filled out their profile (someone did that?) you’ve got to pay up. No, thanks – I’m not that curious about anyone I went to high school with that I don’t still keep in touch with. I’m “free curious” but not buy curious, as Tobias would have put it on Arrested Development. Into Gmail’s trash it goes – despite Gmail’s ever-growing storage capabilities. Some things just need to be thrown away.

“Tuesday,” another day named after a Norse god (Tyr) has some ties to an old Latin phrase because he is the equivalent of the Roman god of war, Mars. I’ve been looking up in the sky every morning lately, and there, bright in the sky is . . . well, not Mars. It’s Venus. But it’s cool anyway.

Well, Amanda is definitely sick, but it’s of the “stomach flu” variety. Not fun for anyone, but I can’t imagine how strange it must be for her to have to deal with something like this for the first time. Again, I am amazed at how resilient children are – here she is, operating on hardly any food, and she acts as if nothing is wrong except for right when an attack hits. Me, when I got the stomach flu last Christmas day, I was left feeling like death warmed over for the better part of that week. The thought of being as active as she is between bouts is beyond comprehension. Kids, however, have more motivation to be kids than adults have to be adult.


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  1. is the biggest rip off in Internet history. Go on Facebook or (bear with me) Myspace to find old classmates.

    Comment by bekah — November 21, 2007 @ 11:01 am | Reply

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