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November 21, 2007


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We are currently waiting:

  • For pizza – Amanda is sick and so we don’t want to risk taking her anywhere and having a diaper-disaster, so we’ve done something we very, very rarely do: called for delivery. It’s kind of weird to think about having someone bring us pizza, that’s how rare it is.
  • For my UPS delivery – at some point here, a UPS truck is going to drop off my package from Barnes & Noble with the U2 Joshua Tree Super Golden Deluxe Beautiful Edition. It’s nearly 6 o’clock, so this is a late day for Mr. UPS, but according to their tracking, it’s out for delivery as of 5:09 am this morning. I just can’t imagine what the hold up is. I could lived without it until Friday had I not seen that it was out for delivery, but now that I know, if it’s not delivered, I will be very annoyed.
  • For paint to dry – our front door is stuck open a bit as the final bit of paint dries. The painter came back today, almost a week later than he was supposed to (due to rain the first time) and repainted the front door and garage door in a lighter shade with a semi-gloss paint. The paint on the front door is still wet so I’m sitting her with this front door open a smidge so it won’t dry itself to the door molding. This is also kind of annoying, to tell you the truth.
  • For a better way to finish this up. All out of luck on that one.

What are you waiting for?


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  1. I’m waiting for tomorrow because then I can over-eat and not feel guilty. Okay, so I WILL feel guilty, but it’ll be a GOOD sort of guilty.

    Comment by bekah — November 21, 2007 @ 8:28 pm | Reply

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