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November 23, 2007

Dull Friday

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So far today I have walked about 15 feet out of the house to pick up the newspaper. I was only tempted to go anywhere by a sale on 500gb drives at Staples or OfficeMax/Depot for $60, which I need, but then came to my senses when I realized there’s no way they had more than a dozen or so, which likely sold out promptly at 6 am. I am not thrifty enough to sacrifice my sleep for a deal.

And, really, at the moment, the pressing issue is that I actually need a newer, bigger, better power supply on this computer very badly. The issues I’ve talked about (such as I’m am suffering right now – typing while ripping a CD and having to wait for words to appear) is likely due to an over-taxed power supply. Other issues I suffer: CD drives disappearing occasionally after ripping or burning discs, bad burns and rips, screen freezes, stuttering audio while doing pretty much anything. All extremely annoying things and signs that something catastrophic is likely going to occur soon that basically kills my motherboard and/or processor.

Amanda is well on her way to recovering, having regained her hunger yesterday and now appears to be restoring normal body functions – I’ll just leave it at that. She’s still touchy and weird about food, but can you blame her?

While Alissa went off to the ASU game with her dad and brother last night, we visited my parents, then came home and played here for a short while until it was completely obvious that Amanda needed to go to bed. She hardly resisted, which is a rare occasion. Afterward, I waffled about what to do and decided to watch a DVD, first putting in Blackfield’s live DVD, then realizing 5 songs in that I really, really wanted to watch the live DVD in the U2 Joshua Tree set. And watch it I did – it’s a great thing. Very strange to see U2 in days when they didn’t have gigantic stage shows. Fans may quip about how much more “keeping it real” the band was back then, but Bono was every bit as much the showman then as he is now. He’s a chameleon, and he simply carried on his “Irish country boy” bit for a longer period than he did any of his other personas. Regardless, he’s a brilliant performer, and they’re an amazing band, and this is one of the most rewarding $40 I’ve ever spent. Highly, highly recommended.


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