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November 24, 2007


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At the moment, I am procrastinating. It’s one of the things I’m pretty good at. I can sit things out until they just become meaningless, and I’m trying to do that again today, only it’s not going to work. See, I don’t want to move, but I need to. We’re running out of room in this house. It’s not a particularly small house, not really – I’ve seen more people in smaller houses. We just have too much stuff, and one very small person in particular has far too much stuff in specific, which winds up spread all over the place.

First we had Amanda’s toys out by the TV and couch and all that stuff in the living room because it made sense – it was the big room and we were almost always out there. Now the problem is that we are almost always out there and so are almost all of Amanda’s toys, of which, as I mentioned before, there are too many. And don’t even get me started on how many of them she actually still plays with.

We’ve cordoned off the front part of the house as a sort of danger zone. We put up a little gate and threw all the things out there that little hands should not play with. My computer, my CDs, boxes, equipment of various types, the garbage can, etc. A lot of stuff. Well, now this makes no sense. It’s a waste of space. Now that Amanda’s getting older (sniff – my baby’s growing up!) we know she’s good enough not to get into things she shouldn’t get into.

On a side note, it’s an interesting thing that there’s a time when kids feel this overwhelming need to tell you when something is not the way it should be, even if it might work to their advantage. For instance, Amanda sees one of the gates open that is always closed, the one that leads to mommy’s computer, the one on which she always goes to play on various Disney websites, and she, upset, tells us that the door needs to be closed. You know of she was a few years older, this would be an open invite for havoc to be wrought.

I digress – and for good reason. It’s because I procrastinate very well. See? I led you off down a whole new path and you didn’t even realize it until I pointed it out to you. Regardless of my procrastination skills, I do so now because I know that the task of moving this computer and all my CDs, all five 2′ x 4′ cases of them, the 20 feet to the front window of this room, is going to be annoying and more work than I am anticipating. That’s right – I am anticipating that it’s more work than I’m anticipating. But when I do . . . when I do, the whole rest of the room is Amanda’s to play in, and I can sit on my computer and keep an eye on her while she does her thing in this big room that will hold all her toys (and most of mine). Sounds nice, huh?

I would have thought with this four day weekend I would have done this by now, but I’m still here doing the same thing I did yesterday, which is sitting behind the computer, typing, reading, playing with Itunes . . . doing anything but what I should be doing. I am pretty sure I have surpassed the amateur leagues here – I’m a pro now. That’s right – a procrastinator.


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