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November 28, 2007

Strange magic

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Some people like to think everything happens for a reason, and applying that logic, I’ll say that getting this awful, awful stomach flu is responsible for me finally taking the time to finally sit down and watch my Battlestar Galactica DVDs. No, not the show from the late 70s (which I loved as a kid – come on, who didn’t?) I’m talking about the recent series developed by the Sci Fi channel that significantly “re-imagined” the show but kept the basic premise. Dark, serious, and intense, it’s almost nothing like the original – thankfully. The result is some of the best TV I’ve seen in ages. It’s as engaging, inventive, challenging, and fun as the first season of Lost was, without the mysteries that kept some perpetually frustrated. What I am frustrated about is the fact that season 3 finished as of last season but has no release date on DVD – and yet the follow-up movie, Battlestar Galactica: Razor, which recently aired, will be out on DVD next week. What kind of freaking sense does that make? Miss the holiday season, when TV-on-DVD boxes like this are HUGE gift ideas? Really stupid. I fear they’re going to do something awful like package all three seasons together and make you buy the previous two to get that third one rather than sell it by itself. Don’t act like it doesn’t happen – Cartoon Network just did that with Dr. Katz (seasons 1 and 2 have been out for ages, but no others came out, and now suddenly a box of the entire series has been released.) What sucks is I know if they do that I’ll buy it – I’m hooked. This is incredible TV.

The good news is I’m feeling better. Not great, but better. I’ve found that, for whatever weird reason, keeping food in me has the reverse effect one might expect, so I’m trying to eat a little bit of something every now and then. It’s kind of hard to convince myself to eat when I really don’t have much of an appetite, but once I eat, I feel better, which is a strange kind of magic. I sure would like to get to the point where bread products were not the only choice I have, but, really, eating anything else invokes fear in me gut. Besides, eating that blandly just makes all the orange Propel I’ve been drinking taste that much more like nectar from the gods.

Also neato is that the official website of one of my favorite jazz dudes, Dave Douglas, has picked up on my little piece that I wrote about his new album. I like exposing people to new music and it really feels good that the artists themselves appreciate getting the exposure – they sure don’t get it from mainstream avenues anymore. There’s a reason this guy wins all these “Trumpet Player of the Year” and “Best Album” awards. Find out why.


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