Known Johnson

December 1, 2007

It’s dead, Jim

Filed under: General — Tom @ 12:11 am

I came home, hit the button on my computer, and that was it – no response. Dead. So it’s more than just a hard drive problem. I don’t know what it is, but I do know that because I’d downloaded SpeedFan just a few days ago that something called the SMBus has been having problems. This program has been registering an uncountable number of “unsuccessful SELB” attempts, whatever those are, and they’ve steadily gotten worse all week. My plan right now is simple – I’ll break the computer down tomorrow to see if something came unseated, put it back together, and if it’s still dead, it’s time for a new motherboard. I didn’t want to do this, especially not before Christmas, but my back’s against the proverbial wall here. Until then I’ll be making posts from Alissa’s computer when I can.

Please join me in praying that everything is okay on my main hard drive – where our most recent pictures of Amanda reside. Everything should be fine – this has been a motherboard problem, not that hard drive’s problem (the problem hard drive is my Itunes hard drive, which is one of four hard drives – yes, I know, that sounds crazy. They’re old and small, okay? I’m slowly working my way up to a couple of bigger drives. This new one should hold everything the three non-OS drives had.) Yes, I got lazy and didn’t burn her Halloween pictures to a disc. No, I won’t do this again.


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