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December 2, 2007

Moments of clarity

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Yesterday was a bit of a dreary one, I’m afraid to say. The rain we had on Friday continued through the morning and kept things nice and wet, with threatening skies hovering overhead all day that kept me from doing pretty much anything that I’d wanted to do this weekend. The big plan was, like many others, to put up the Christmas lights, and another was to paint the door frame the same color as the door – yes, this project continues on. I could have called the painter back for one more touch up, but I really felt this was a small matter and didn’t feel like bothering. And, really, I kind of like painting. Stuck in the house yesterday, however, all I could do was futz with my computer, which really isn’t all that fun.

So today the sun was bright and shining which allowed me to get out nice and early and get things done . . . only I didn’t. I didn’t do a thing until nearly ten this morning. Oh well. So much for planning. I spent a good hour on the door frame, applying a couple of coats until I was satisfied that it was well covered, and after it dried it looked exactly like we wanted. In the meantime, I worked on a small base for a toy train that Amanda has, something I’ve been working on and off for way too long. It’s really very simple – a 2′ x 4′ piece of 1/2″ plywood and some 1/2″ pine for a border, plus some corner pieces for the plywood to be screwed into. I have had this sitting in the garage waiting to be painted for a long time and decided that today was the day. I spent nearly two hours trying to get a nice smooth coat on there, but as I’m not a pro, it’s not perfect. It bears the mark of the weekend woodworker. I’m sure Amanda won’t even notice.

Later this afternoon I finally pulled the lights out and got them up. I feared that I might missed another weekend, but while I was out running an errand reality set in at one point when it hit me that today is December 2. Christmas is three weeks away. If I don’t get the lights up now, it will be next weekend before I have another chance to do so – at which point Christmas will be two weeks away. And I really love the lights of Christmas – they turn every drab neighborhood into something special. So I gave up on my errand and rushed back home. Up they went, and after a trip to the store tonight we got to come home to our house all aglow for Christmas. Sometimes I have to be reminded to slow down and just enjoy things. I look forward to Christmas every year, and every year I find more reasons to fill up my time with worry and overthinking. Here’s to at least one moment of clarity.


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