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December 11, 2007

Bob Dylan is corrupt

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Beef – it actually was what was for dinner.

I’m posting from about 20 feet further north than where I usually post from – a basically useless bit of information, but I thought I’d relate it since it bears directly on why the site has gone un-updated since Friday. I wasn’t quite as motivated as I’d hoped to be on Saturday, but by mid-afternoon, I had things good and torn apart in here, and by evening, I was certain that I was in over my head. The front room of this house looked beyond help and, frankly, that sinking feeling of failure began to set in. We persevered, however, and were able to get a Christmas tree that night, which provided further motivation to get things moving. I kept shuffling things around late that night, then got up and began doing the same thing Sunday, and slowly it started to look possible. By the end of the day, most of the mess was cleaned up, and before my dentist appointment yesterday I did the last bit of moving – Amanda’s mass of toys – into this room. Now the living room has been reclaimed as adult territory, with the occasional toy-intruders, and Amanda has happily embraced her large portion of this room as her own.

Getting the Christmas proved to be a big adventure for Amanda. She found the entire process hilarious and giggled the entire time. Walking through the “forest” at the tree lot, she could do nothing but giggle and squeal in delight. Who would have guessed?

Sunday night I got my computer ready to go again and decided to transfer all of my music to the new hard drive. I used Western Digital’s Data Lifeguard Tools to do the backup, but it wound up taking 9 hours to move 6,000 of my 37,000+ music files. I stopped the process and opted for a good ol’ copy/paste into the new drive before leaving on Monday, and fully expected to see my new drive full of music when I came home. (cue ominous thunder)

When I flipped on the monitor after work, I found a number of error messages, all basically telling me that something failed and all the data was lost. Lost? What?! I looked at my drives and my Itunes drive was not showing up anymore. My worst fears had come true – before I could save my music, that drive had died! The thought of re-ripping a couple thousand CDs (which had taken me a couple of years to do) turned my stomach. Frankly, I’m not sure I could do it again.

To make a long story short, after a lot of testing, I found that the drive was not entirely dead, but there were bad sectors on the drive, and they appeared to be multiplying quickly. The first culprit was found in a lone mp3 from the 2006 album Modern Times – Bob Dylan killed my hard drive. With every transfer attempt I made, the drive went down. I found that simply skipping Dylan and moving on worked . . . until I found more songs. I feared the worst again – that large swaths of my collection had been corrupted, but it turned out, after hours of investigation, that all of my problems were located in three files. I deleted those and transferred everything else without incident. As of this morning, that drive is off my system for good, and my computer is back running the way it had in the months prior to this.

So now maybe life can get back to normal, somewhat at least. I’ve learned one thing – save everything. I’ve already planned to get a backup drive for this one, make a copy of my music, and then put that drive away somewhere safe. Away from the computer, in other words. I don’t trust these things, and now I have good reason. Evil, stupid little boxes.


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