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December 14, 2007

Grouchy music-speak

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Stickers? Are you kidding me? Are we 8 years old? I’m all for interesting packages, but . . . huh? I guess as long as the “flattened Chinese take-out” box is functional as a CD case all is good. I have no interest in making my own package out of a CD case I have to dig out or go buy – making the price of the album a couple dollars higher. Yeah, it does make me a little grumpy.

Not only that, but images of the “Disc Box” are out and I think it’s kind of a rip-off. Here are six images that give a pretty good over view of what you get for a little over $80:


Am I justified in feeling like this is a bit underwhelming for an $80 investment? I just feel like this whole thing has been overblown and the band really kind of screwed it up. They’re not the first band to go it alone, but they sure act like it. Marillion’s been doing it for years and put out a really stunning package for Marbles (and they’re doing it again for the as-yet-unnamed “album 15.”) Granted, no vinyl, but it also cost half the price, but has a 128-page book. Do you get what I mean? THAT is what I would expect from Radiohead, and the opposite from tiny little Marillion. Frankly, Radiohead can afford the more grandiose packaging, but look what they opted to go with. I don’t know, call me spoiled, but I just expected something a bit more wow-worthy than what the Disc Box is offering for that kind of money.


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