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December 14, 2007

Reindeer got run over by a grandma

Filed under: General,Migraine — Tom @ 3:31 pm

Today’s easy lesson: don’t eat one-year old cherry-flavored candy canes. They taste a little more like dirt. The peppermint ones are fine, but don’t eat the old cherry candy canes.

Hand/wrist/arm issue: slightly better, but the weekend will be the big test. Staying off the computer for 8 hours a day should help quite a bit. Come Monday, if there’s no significant improvement, it’s probably time to give the doctor a call.

I’ve been reading a lot about migraines and food-triggers lately, mostly because I’m absolutely sick of missing out on chocolate, one of the things I identified as a trigger. It turns out that researchers have not been able to link any food to migraines, but instead people blame foods due to post hoc ergo propter hoc, or “X happened, then Y, therefore X is at fault.” In other words, it’s a logical fallacy – we’re blaming the terrible pain of migraines on the most recent thing, when in fact it had nothing to do with it. As they said, people are very bad researchers – they don’t account for the times they had migraines without chocolate, nor the times they had chocolate without migraines. What sticks out in people’s minds are the instances where they remember eating something specific and then getting a migraine. Some researchers even suggest that food that have been called triggers may actually be cravings brought on by early migraine symptoms, and that makes a lot of sense to me – a lot more sense than some food giving me a migraine. If you want to read more, this guy has a whole lot to say about it.

His list of triggers down the page should say it all – one affliction simply cannot be triggered by so many completely different things. I do find his suggestion of caffeine as a cause of migraines to be intriguing, but I’m not sure I support it – I drink soda every day and don’t get migraines that often.

As a result, I’ve been “experimenting” with chocolate this week and I’ve been 100% fine. No headaches of any kind, let alone a migraine. It’s the first chocolate I’ve had in any real quantity since early July of 2006, believe it or not! And, yes, it’s been wonderful.

Is your Christmas shopping done? I’m very close to being done, just a few things left to get, but the important stuff is taken care of, thankfully. “Early and online” have been two tactics that have been working out well, stress-wise, for me the past couple of years. While I do feel like I’ve missed a bit of the Christmas hustle-n-bustle not being out in the stores, I’m simply not equipped to deal with the frustrations. Boxes arriving at the door is a very nice way to handle things. Now I just have to find some time to wrap things . . .


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