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December 19, 2007

Random Garfielderizer

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When I was a kid I practically worshipped Garfield. I had something like 15 of those books (there are 45 now?!) and read them religiously. And then I grew out of Garfield, but those books are still buried somewhere at my parents’ house and so are a bunch of Garfield-related toys from that weird boom that happened in the mid-80s where he got really popular. (Various little vinyl figures, a few stuffed animals, etc. And who doesn’t remember the Garfield suction toy for your car window?) For a while there, I loved Garfield the way only a kid can love something.

Whatever it is that happens, happens quick, and suddenly things like Garfield just don’t appeal anymore. It wasn’t peer judgment or anything like that. I don’t know what it was – perhaps I just didn’t find Garfield all that funny anymore. Really, it’s not all that funny of a cartoon. The early ones, the few that I’ve run across, are certainly more entertaining than the later ones, but did I recognize that at 12 years old?

At almost 35, I’ve found a new way to find Garfield entertaining, and it’s in the surreal form of a website that randomly pairs panes from the strip. Some guy created this years ago and then it got slapped with a cease-and-desist order from uComics, but someone else took the code and hosted it for slow people like me. Here’s the first thing the site came up with for me:


That actually is kind of funny.


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