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December 19, 2007


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Cleaning out my computer here at work in preparation for a new computer, I came across a folder titled “my site.” I took a peek inside and what do you know, the name was fitting – it’s my old website, and I mean old. The material in this folder dates back to July 16, 2001 and extends through August 2002. This dates back to just after I was laid off, which was the impetus to start blogging in the first place, when I had a home on I thought I’d lost this material but here it is. Needless to say, I’ll be saving a copy of this, and may even make a home for it right here in coming days for anyone curious enough to dig through it. It won’t be pretty – I’m not going to spend any time making the files work again, but I will make it available. Now I just have to figure out what happened to the stuff from 2002 through January 2005.

Question spawned by digging through folders: why do I have pictures of roasted chicken? Or so many pictures of onions (seriously – I keep finding them. Just when I think I’ve deleted the last of them, I find another)?

Does anyone know anything about s-video? Why would an s-video input not be working on a TV? I discovered last night that we’ve actually never used our s-video inputs on our TV. Our DVD player and cable box (which I did not know until last night) have had the output, but we’ve only been using the composite video output of the DVD player. I had assumed we were using the s-video output of the DVD player – wrong! Cable box goes into the TV via cable while the DVD player is plugged in via composite video cable. The s-video cable is plugged in to the DVD player but it doesn’t output a picture at all, despite me trying every combination of settings on our TV. I’ve tried it with everything but the s-video unplugged and still no picture. I don’t get it. How can something like that just not work? I’m a bit pissed – I want to get the best possible picture out of our TV and DVD player and knowing that it’s technically capable of higher quality, but somehow physically prevented from achieving it, really irks me. I’ve done some searches and turned up nothing. The only thing I can guess is that our TV set is defective. Unfortunately, after 7 years, it’s going to be hard to get RCA to make good on any warranty issues . . .

Hand’s feeling better, now I’m just waiting for my back to start feeling better. I’ve been dosing the Aleve the past few days after Alissa urged me to give it a shot. Always listen to your wife. I just figured if both Tylenol and ibuprofen-stuff wasn’t doing it, why would Aleve? Well, it is. The knot of pain in my back is not entirely gone, but it’s dulled enough that I don’t wince every time I try to look to my left which, to me, is a good thing. Now to keep myself from doing something stupid and making it worse again. I never believed that whole computer-posture thing until now, but I am certainly a believer after the past couple of weeks. If you’re on a computer all day, get a tray for your keyboard that keeps it a bit above lap height and get a good chair that supports your back. You may not feel it now, but it will come back to haunt you in years to come.


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