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December 21, 2007

Critmuh Friday

Filed under: General — Tom @ 9:47 am

Never doubt the ability for idiots to collide in even the lightest of work-day traffic, and to do so in the most spectacular manner. It should have been a quick drive to work, relatively speaking – many people have today off, either going out of town or just taking the day off for an extra long weekend. And, for the first 25 miles or so of my drive, that was plainly obvious. I drove at nearly the actual speed limit the entire time, an extreme rarity, but oh, those last 5 or so miles were painful. Basically, it took me as long to go that first 25 miles as it did that final 5 because a few someones weren’t paying any damned attention and drove into each other.

What has happened to cat litter? We’ve been using Tidy Cats pretty much since we got Bentley and Oscar – 8 years ago – and suddenly they changed it from little rocks to these round balls. Big deal, right? Well, they changed something else too because it no longer clumps at all, and has resulted in some of the biggest messes when I’ve cleaned out the litter box. We’ve tried a few different kinds but found that there was a lot of dust associated with them, so we went back to Tidy Cats hoping that maybe there was a problem with the early stuff. Nope, this stuff just sucks. And if you have any suggestions, please don’t suggest the “natural” kind. We tried some stuff made out of wheat that looked promising. That was nasty.

Christmas . . . I’m sorry, Critmuh begins today, basically. I don’t care that it’s in four days. It starts today in about 4 hours. I leave work after a short day and that’s it, I’m done. I’m off until January 2, people. Let me restate that for dramatic effect: I’m off until January 2. That’s 11 full days off, only four of which will actually be vacation days. I can’t argue with the math that equates to that bargain.

Will everyone be disappointed Critmuh morning when they find out I didn’t actually buy any presents but instead made rough representations of things they wanted out of things I found in parking lots?


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