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January 1, 2008


Filed under: Music — Tom @ 10:56 am

I’ve got my Karnac hat on and I’m going to make a couple of New Year’s predictions . . . at least about music.

First, within a month, music stores (including Amazon and will be flooded with used copies of Rivers Cuomo’s terrible demos album, Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo. Right now the fanboys are having a heyday on Amazon, artificially inflating the ratings to make this look like a great album, but it’s really a turgid, depressing bunch of unfinished songs that really should have been relegated to “Weezer official store online release” level, not “buy it even in Walmart” level. Hey, I like demos when they give us a glimpse into the creative process, but I don’t hear anything I didn’t already know going on in here. If these songs are so good, finish them up, Rivers, and put them out. If you want this, wait a month or so. You’ll be able to find dirt-cheap copies everywhere that used music is sold.

Second: The stickers that come in Radiohead’s official, hard-copy release of In Rainbows today, meant to adorn a jewelcase that you provide, will instead get stuck to car windows across the nation, especially those around college campuses. Mark my words – you will see that block of “IN RAINBOWS” lettering all over the places within days, if not hours.

In case you missed it, the extremely dorky ad for this extremely dorky concept:

How old is Radiohead’s audience again? Oh, we’re all adults? Sigh.


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