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January 2, 2008

It’s on

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Look! New TV is on tonight – okay, fine, talk shows, but they’re new. The writer’s strike drags on, but the main talk shows will be back tonight. David Letterman made his deal with the writer’s guild and so will basically go back on the air as usual, but Jay Leno and basically anyone else not under Letterman’s Worldwide Pants is writer-less, which makes me ask what seems to be the obvious question: why bother watching Letterman? You know what you’re going to get there. Every other show is going to be where the fun – and possibly the horrible, awful, cringe-inducing awfulness (and therefore: fun) – is going to be. I mean, what is Jay Leno going to do for his allotted 43 minutes of air time with no pre-written segments? A whole lot of Headlines? Or Jaywalking pieces? Because his interviews are easily the worst part of the show. There’s always been only one reason I tune into Leno and that’s to watch the segment following his terrible monologue – which, on a good night, is something like “things we found on Ebay” or stuff they bought at the dollar store. You know, things that are genuinely funny because he has to rely on the actual items to be funny and not dumb jokes. On a bad night . . . well, it’s pretty dire. Watch the writer-less shows – it’ll be WAY more interesting.

Possibly the highlight of my day – and this may be a bit pathetic, but it is the first day back at work – has been seeing a release date (March 25) for season 3 of Sci-Fi channel’s new incarnation of Battlestar Galactica. As I just started watching season 2 last night, this is good news. If I time it right, I should be able to watch all of that just in time. And for those who, like me, got the BSG movie Razor for Christmas but haven’t seen season 3, it’s apparently safe to go ahead and watch after season 2. The events occur in the timeline following season 2 and before season 3, with what I read is one line of dialog from a season 3 episode appearing in the movie that doesn’t spoil anything and will only function as foreshadowing to those who have no watched season 3. That’s a relief – I was really annoyed at the thought of having to wait until after watching season 3.

Is anyone else not really missing new TV all that much? I know I have a backlog of DVDs to go through, but really, was there that much great stuff on TV to miss? Other than a tiny handful of shows, my schedule has changed only slightly. The networks had better hope most people are not like me – that they’re desperate for their shows to return, or we might all be turning to things they don’t want us to (other cable channels, books, games . . . each other.)


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  1. I haven’t noticed that we’re not getting new TV because I’ve been watching The Office on Netflix. And after that I’m starting with a new one. Maybe 30 Rock, I’ve heard good things about it. I love the watch instantly stuff.

    Comment by bekah — January 3, 2008 @ 11:45 am | Reply

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