Known Johnson

January 4, 2008

Stuff and nonsense

Filed under: General — Tom @ 3:08 pm

We’re only four days into the new year and already we’re getting reports about Britney Spears going off her rocker and Lindsay Lohan caught drinking. I think we all ended 2007 with hopes that maybe we’d be spared more of this crap this year. Maybe I was being too optimistic thinking that 2008 would be the year that space-related news captured everyone’s imaginations. Instead we get this nonsense.

I have stuff. You have stuff. We all have too much of it, too, and until recently nobody really thought much about why that is. Annie Leonard, however, did just that and presents her views in this surprisingly interesting 20 minute video all about stuff. Really – I’m not one to get too deeply into environmental hoodly-doodly and I found this pretty thought provoking. (By the way, yes, I recycle and all that but I think the majority of the pressure needs to be put on the big corporations churning out pure junk and often completely unrecyclable crap and not us “little people” to clean it up for them. It’s not our fault – we’re the end users, not the ones making this stuff in the first place. Don’t punish US. Make them do all the work.) The section about planned and perceived obsolescence was fascinating. On a superficial note, I do have to admit to spending a few moments hoping she had someone or something soft catch that Ipod she tosses at the beginning. Just because you have “stuff” doesn’t mean you don’t care about it.

Bonus: for a while today I thought it was Thursday. Finding out it was Friday was like gaining a free day. Too bad I slept so badly last night that it’s hard to stay awake today and enjoy it. More than anything I’m looking forward to about 10 pm tonight when the call of sleep begins to lull me . . . if I even make it that late. Rough night – but hey! I woke up with a startle and got to see some interesting geometric patterns twisting and turning against each other for a few minutes, which is occasionally an interesting thing. Last night it was literally math symbols – pluses, minuses, etc. Very weird.


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