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January 5, 2008

Saturday Day Special

Filed under: General — Tom @ 4:36 pm

The Christmas lights are down – I pulled them down from the eaves this morning – and all the tubs of Christmas paraphernalia are pretty much packed up and ready to be loaded back up into our excuse-of-an-attic. On New Year’s Day the tree was taken to the “tree party,” the name we had to give for the drop off dump so that Amanda wouldn’t get upset when we got rid of it. Christmas is truly over and it’s a bit of a let down, just like every year.

It still feels like I’ve done pretty much nothing today. It’s one of those days – it’s overcast and threatening rain, and that just makes everything feel a bit blah. I think mostly it’s the fact that we all need to get out and do something, but there’s really not a whole lot to do. I spent part of the morning re-ripping a handful of Rush CDs after I realized they were still in subpar AAC format (the standard, preset Itunes CD ripping settings) and after wishing to compare my three Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs discs to the band-supervised remasters (2112, Moving Pictures, and Signals – my copy of their latest remastering, Permanent Waves, arrives Monday.) The MoFi discs are generally considered to be some of the finest sounding discs in existence and I have to agree after doing a quick comparison. I won’t bore you with why they’re the best, but suffice it to say that the music industry does whatever they have to in order to make music sound bigger and louder, and it’s not always for the best. MoFi takes the best music out there and does whatever they can to make sure it sounds as good as possible.

The big plan at the moment for the rest of today is to go try and find a tunnel for Amanda’s train set. She’s been dying for one pretty much since she got the thing for Christmas, and the only place I can think that will have just a tunnel, not a “talking light-up Thomas with creepy face and interactive oil rig/tunnel playset,” is a hobby store, so we’re going to hit up one of the few left in Phoenix. I was kind hoping we’d go to the giant Hobby Lobby that we’ve passed a few times – it is literally the size of a furniture store – but that’s just too far away right now. If Hobby Bench doesn’t pan out, perhaps that will be tomorrow’s adventure.

After that is the ultimate in excitement: a trip to Fry’s Electronics. Do I know how to treat my ladies or what? We’re going there to buy a couple of cables I need to finish up the install of the XM radio in Alissa’s car. Really, the weekend can only go downhill from there. How do you top Fry’s Electronics?


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