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January 6, 2008

Couldn’t call it unexpected

Filed under: General — Tom @ 8:17 pm

After a day spent “finishing” the Ipod/XM install in Alissa’s car, which took far longer than it should have, I really didn’t feel like cooking, so we picked up dinner – Boston Market for Alissa and partially for Amanda, and Pickup Stix for me. I’m not a huge Chinese food connoisseur but I do love the house chicken. Starved as I felt before we left, I apparently was not as gluttonous as I thought as I couldn’t finish, so I have half of it for lunch tomorrow. That’s not a bad lunch at all.

I received two fortune cookies, I suppose because it’s really two meals in one, but, you know, it’s pretty easy to overdo it and just eat it all. The first fortune was actually a fortune, a rarity, as they usually just seem to be statements. It read “an unexpected windfall will be yours.” Sweet. I could use some extra money. I’m assuming “windfall=money” here, as you generally don’t hear the word windfall associated with anything non-financial, but you know how those fortunes work. I do have to ask, however, if it is forecast by my fortune cookie, how unexpected is it now?

The other cookie’s fortune read, in typically non-fortune fashion, “Need some adventure and enjoyment? Take a vacation.” Presumably with the “unexpected windfall.” Now I can hardly wait – I really can use some adventure and enjoyment.


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