Known Johnson

January 9, 2008


Filed under: General — Tom @ 1:02 pm

(sigh) It’s only January 8 and I’m already sick of politics. We’ve got a long way to go until November 4.

I’ve written a piece about Rush’s latest Mobile Fidelity offering, Permanent Waves (and, indeed, just about obsessing over stuff like this). Won’t you be so kind to go read about it on Blogcritics or on LookoutForHope?

Follow your instinct. Instinct knows best. Instinct, just this morning, told me to pull over at the Chick-fil-a I was about to drive past and get a delicious chicken biscuit. I drove on, ignoring instinct, straight into a giant line of cars some miles away that just sat and sat and sat because of a big accident. I took this route – a diversion from my normal route – because the freeway was completely backed up. As Alissa pointed out to me in an email, had I just pulled over and ate that damned chicken biscuit, I might have had an unhealthy breakfast, but I wouldn’t have been pissed off from sitting in my truck for 100 minutes straight.

Amazon has informed me that my tablet will arrive by next Thursday, about 5 days earlier than they originally predicted. I’m pretty excited, but I know once I get it I’ll sit there with no idea what to actually do with it, and once I do start playing, it’ll be awful. Still, I gotta start somewhere, sometime.


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