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January 13, 2008

Squeaking in

Filed under: General — Tom @ 10:53 pm

. . . at the end of the day, for a quick post. Long day, long basically crappy day. Amanda was in a VERY bad mood today, which put both of the parents in a VERY bad mood.

The weekend started out really fun, like I mentioned yesterday, with Amanda and I out at the bookstore and Toys R Us (and even the Post Office – woo!) and yesterday was fun too – we went to the Wildlife World Zoo to see the last day of their “holiday” lights, which Amanda loved immensely. She was up very late, however, and that seemed to have been the first factor that set Sunday rolling down the hill backwards.

And then we got a very late start today – probably because we were all tired and lazy. I spent much of the morning online looking up a number of things because I’m selling a bunch of stuff in various places, stuff that I no longer need. When we finally got moving, it was lunch time, which is not too long before Amanda’s typical nap time . . . which meant she was going to miss that. And that usually spells trouble. Well, boy did it. We got her home about an hour later than her normal time and basically forced her into bed, but it wasn’t without a screaming fit. Eventually she fell sound asleep, at which time I got out and basically killed off half of our front yard – chopping down five plants that were alive but looked pretty ragged. Don’t worry – they’ll grow back. They just needed a fresh start. When I came back in, she was up and ready for dinner.

Doing things like this really throws off her schedule, and Sundays are, for whatever strange reason, just bad days in general with Amanda. She just acts up on Sunday, and it can be really rough. Neither of us can figure out why except that she knows that today is her last full day with us before we go back to work. It seems counterintuitive to act like she does because it just makes us upset when she acts so bratty – pretty much the only time, by the way, that she acts like this – when she could be her normal wonderful self and make Sunday a fun day. I guess, in her mind, maybe she’s mad that we’re leaving her again for the week. It doesn’t seem fair that we have to do that. I wish we didn’t.

And so I end today on a down note, because today has just been down.


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