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January 14, 2008

Crushed and beaten

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Crushed because my 6″ x 8″ Wacom Intuos3 arrived . . . except it apparently wasn’t mine. It was someone else’s. Somehow, Amazon managed to send me not only an OPEN package, they sent me one with another product inside! Sure, the outside of the box read all the right things, but I felt suspicion arise in my gut the moment I went to open the box and noticed that the seals on the two cardboard flaps were broken. I slid out the inner carton and immediately my heart sank. What lay before me was not the 6″ x 8″ tablet I had ordered, nor the one advertised on the outside of the box, but the next smallest size, the 4″ x 6″, which is about $100 cheaper. Someone bought both and returned the smaller one in the larger one’s box hoping to get away with it . . . and apparently did. What did I get? Scammed by Amazon . . . Scamazon!

I immediately got on the phone with Amazon and, as my luck has been going, Amazon is out of stock, period, and they may not be getting them back in, and my only option is to send it back and re-order from a reseller. Is it a sign? I don’t know. I’m so heartbroken at the moment that I really don’t feel like dealing with the issue, so I’m probably going to wait a while longer before diving in to the tablet world again. There are just times when things feel right and times when things feel wrong. It feels wrong right now.

Beaten because that’s what it took. Alissa hasn’t used her Ipod in a while because the connector in her car died a few months back. I got that taken care of a couple weekends back and I advised that it was probably going to need a charge via the wall charger to get it going again, but I didn’t expect the email I got from her this morning announcing that she had the “sad Ipod” and the “excited folder” icons.

Sad Ipod Excited Folder

Both are not considered good signs. But, hey, I figured, this Ipod has seen three years of very dedicated duty. It was bound to happen some time. Everything dies.

When she got home, we plugged it in at the wall to see what would happen and, as expected, I saw the sad Ipod and then the excited folder. After trying various things, pressing buttons, etc., I just let it charge to see what would happen. I came back a bit later and got the same results and so decided to do something drastic, something I’ve seen others say they’ve done to get their Ipods working again. I dropped it. I just held it about 4 feet above the carpet and let go. Hey, at this point, what harm could be done? It felt with a sick smack against the carpet. I picked it up, hit a button and – viola! – the menu came up. I cued up some music and plugged in my headphones and sure enough, it worked just fine. The hard drive is definitely on last legs, as it makes a whining noise unlike any I’ve heard from an Ipod before, but it’ll get by for now.

So, there you go – that’s how you save an apparently stuck hard drive. As the old saying goes with regards to electronics, when all else fails, give it a smack.


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