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January 18, 2008

Microphonic fun w/ the Spazzway Contours

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I just pulled a couple of pans of cookies out of the oven – yeah, that’s right, I baked cookies. I admit it up front: I am no manly man. However, I also got in the mail a couple days ago a service manual for my truck that I won on Ebay last week, so perhaps this outweighs the cookie-baking and reinstates at least some quota of manliness. Probably not.

I’ve given a few minutes (well, 20) to my just-arrived copy of Van Morrison’s 1979 album, Into the Music. Damn. Wow. How did I miss out on something this good for so long? Well, all I can say is that things come along at just the right time and that time for me with “Van the Man” must be now – I’ve never liked this dude before because all I’ve ever heard was that damned “Brown Eyed Girl,” and, really, I’m just sick to death of it. The Once soundtrack got me curious, since a cover of “And the Healing has Begun” graces the deluxe edition, but it was looking up some band that I heard the other day for Alissa that sounded a lot like Counting Crows that made me give Van Morrison another shot. (I never did find that other band.) She claims she doesn’t like Van Morrison either, but I really wonder if once she hears this album she won’t feel differently, at least about 1979 Van Morrison. It really sounds like Counting Crows modeled themselves on him from this era. Now, of course, I come to find out that practically everything in his catalog that I want – which is stuff outside of his hits – is out of print, and will slowly be reissued over the next year or so. I take that with a grain of salt – remasterings these days are dicey and with my new earphones, I’m really learning what atrocities have been committed upon once-great albums by overzealous mastering engineers. So, if I see ’em, I’ll be picking up older copies of his albums.

I’m not sure this Van Morrison thing qualifies as manly, either.


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