Known Johnson

January 20, 2008

Now that’s literal

Filed under: General — Tom @ 9:24 am

We went to Olive Garden with Alissa’s family for her dad’s – get this – 75th birthday last night. And he’s incredibly healthy – you would guess he was in his 60s, at most. As he pointed out later, the numbers on his cake could be flipped around to represent when he had some major heart surgery, and I guess you can say he got a new lease on life at that time. He’s done pretty good, I’d say.

We had one of the more unusual waitresses. Having just had spaghetti the night before, I opted to just get myself a pizza. All I wanted was cheese – my usual thing – and so I just said, “I’ll get a pizza, just cheese,” and that was that. When my pizza arrived, I began eating and realized something was off. It wasn’t until I was donw with the first small piece that it hit me. My pizza was exactly what I ordered. EXACTLY: crust and cheese. No sauce! Luckily I’m not a huge sauce guy and luckily the pizza came with a little bowl of dipping sauce, so I just dipped a bit to add the flavor I wanted. I’m not a big fan of Olive Garden to begin with – their sauce is too tangy, so this actually allowed me to dose my pizza about how I wanted it. Go with the flow, right?

Later she asked if we wanted another bowl of breadsticks, and one of us said that we’d like one, she paused to ask if we wanted “one breadstick or one bowl of breadsticks?”


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