Known Johnson

January 24, 2008


Filed under: General — Tom @ 7:44 pm

As you may recall, last week ScAmazon sent me the Wacom Intuos graphics tablet I’ve been coveting. As it turns out, some little freak swapped out their smaller 4×6″ tablet for the surprising much larger 6×8″ that was in the box and sent it back to Amazon as a return. They either didn’t bother to check the package and decided to resell it again (a problem in itself) or knew it was the wrong item and opted to see if I was paying attention (which basically amounts to fraud. Of course, I caught this within seconds and was on the phone to Amazon to see what could be done.

UPS authorization received, box re-packed, and shipped, and I heard no more. I figured it had to arrive yesterday or maybe today, knowing how UPS Ground shipping goes, and checking my tracking numbers shows that it arrived yesterday. But no refund for me. So I sent off an email to Amazon and waited all afternoon for some information only to get the very annoying news that it will likely take a week or more to get the refund, but could take as long as FOUR WEEKS. Come on, give me a break. I’m expected to pay for this in order to get it. Why shouldn’t they be expected to pay me back when they get it back? I realize someone could conceivably scam them on some returns, but they do retain the power of the credit card and the law, and it also appears that they don’t even pay attention to what you return. So why should I have to wait? I’m a little peeved, to say the least.

Not to mention that a CD I’ve had on order with them, which I ordered weeks ago, and they’re saying it won’t ship until the middle of next week. It came out this Tuesday. I saw it in a local music store yesterday. Other online music stores have it available to ship right now. Normally I could cancel and just buy it locally, except Amazon is holding my order hostage. I can’t make any changes to it because, as they claim, it’s “processing to ship,” or however they put it. Now, how in the hell can something process to ship if it’s not going to even move until next week? So, screw it, I bought it today and enjoyed the friggin’ hell out of it on the way home today. What did I find when I got home? An email from Amazon saying that the CD shipped. Of course. Anyone want the latest Super Furry Animals album?


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