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January 28, 2008

Monday all over

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A couple weeks back, after I got my new earphones, I considered selling the lower-end models of the same brand that I have, but I never did anything about it. This morning, about three miles down the road on the way to work, I thanked myself for not doing that. I left my brand new earphones on my desk in their big box (put in there for safe keeping while moving my computer around last night) and drove off without them this morning. These will simply be my permanent backups.

The rain has abated, hard to believe. It felt like it was never going to stop. Our yard was flooded past the edge of the house, which is very unusual. We have built-in water run-off areas in the yard and water tends to pool there when it rains heavy and hard like this, but it’s never looked like this before.

Shortly before bed last night I pulled the trigger: I bought another Wacom tablet, this time from Provantage. This has been eating at me for a couple weeks and I spent much of my online time this weekend watching auctions on Ebay and trying to find the lowest-priced retailer (that seemed legit, I mean.) After realizing that most people were buying the tablet I wanted on Ebay for nearly full price, it didn’t make much sense to go that route and miss out on the two-year warranty, so I gave up on Ebay. Amazon was out, again, and NewEgg was full retail price, but Provantage gave me basically the same price I got on the one that turned out to be a sham a couple weeks ago. So hopefully by the end of this week or maybe early next week I’ll have a new toy to play with.

Along with that I took a chance on one of those “too good to be true” things on Ebay – the full Corel Painter X (which complements a tablet so well) for a mere $40. The seller swears it is a full-retail version, not a knock-off nor an academic version, and his feedback backs it up. We’ll see. If it turns out to be a fake, I’ll simply file a complaint with Ebay and Paypal and get my money back. No loss in trying on this one.

And now I can start all over again. It’s exciting but daunting. I fear I’m going to suck at this, but I’ll be taking it to work to use during down time so that should really help with the exposure to the new medium. I’ve lost a lot of my feel for natural medium being so digitally-dependent and this is as close as it gets on the computer, at least in this price range. I’m used to doing things a very certain way and with the combination of not only the tablet, which is a whole new way to create, but Painter, which is a program I’m not familiar with, it’s really new territory. Depending on how brave I feel, you may get to see the (possibly rotten) fruits of my endeavors here . . .


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