Known Johnson

January 29, 2008

Is it strange?

Filed under: General — Tom @ 3:01 pm

I canceled an upcoming CD I had preordered at Amazon just a bit ago. They make you tell them why you don’t want it. I filled out the box with the words “I NO WANT.”

I may start preordering things just to cancel and send them weird things. Maybe I’ll write a serialized short story via text box. I did that with the yearbook in high school one year. If you could somehow get all of the yearbooks that I signed together, you’d have a very odd story spanning many yearbooks. Well, okay, a handful of yearbooks. But it was an odd story.

But, hey, it’s better than the stupid song lyrics the one dumbass left me one year. I’ll never understand what possessed him to write that, of all things. This is the same kid who bought a remote control car that I had built, then came back hours later crying that he wanted his money back, HAD TO have this money back, and that his dad was going to beat him or some such nonsense. Well, maybe he was going to beat him, I don’t know. I know I wanted to. I know he was faking – no actual tears but plenty of “sobbing” going on. All sales are final! I think he wanted his money back to buy drugs. His act worked. My parents made me give him his damned money back. And then that little shit goes and writes that stupid song in my yearbook. Permanent record, man. And in my yearbook. He got no story in his yearbook.


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