Known Johnson

February 1, 2008


Filed under: Various and Sundry — Tom @ 10:45 pm

And, hey, what is with people naming songs on live albums in Itunes with “song name (live)”? This is so annoying. Every CD that I find like that I remove every ” (live)” and resubmit the CD information to Gracenote. Someone out there must think there’s no way to sort live albums out of playlists but by putting that in the title. But they wouldn’t have included the handy comment tag in the mp3 standard if they didn’t have things like this in mind, nor would Apple have created Smart Playlists with which you can sort by comments and look for the presence of the word “live” in the comment tag. Is that too logical? I guess maybe it is. And please don’t argue that it’s so people will know that a song is live when it plays – it’s easy to tell by the crowds. Please, if something needs to go into the song title tag, for the sake of us music fiends, only put pertinent information in their like “BBC recording, January 1971” or something. “Live” just doesn’t cut it.


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