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February 4, 2008

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

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Wouldn’t it be great if all days off were that eventful and fun? No one knows how to celebrate a free day like Ferris. No one.

Our method of “celebrating” an unexpected day off was by paying some dude a couple hundred bucks to put a giant spring in our garage so our door would open. Luckily that was all it was – the sheer incredible weight of the door was all that kept the thing from moving, but he and I were able to get it open together. So be it – I could have had my neighbor help me open that last night, but my fear of doing further damage to a possibly misaligned door kept me from bothering. Knowing my luck, the tracks were bent, broken, whatever, and as soon as we got it moving, it would pop off and land on top of the cars or, worse, us. A day off is cheap in comparison, and, frankly, spontaneous days off like this are just necessary once in a while. Whatever it is that caused that spring to snap yesterday, I thank it for giving me a little extra breathing room today. Both Alissa and I needed the time off.

Once the door was running, what did we do? Not much – we hit Chick-fil-a for some lunch as sort of a “yay, we’re free” type of wild and crazy celebration, then stopped at the same going-out-of-business toy store that I stopped at with Amanda a few weeks back. They’re now up to 40% off. This time she got a Thomas The Tank Engine-branded drawbridge with creepy smiling barge. Oh to be a kid and not think facially realistical anthropomorphic vehicles were so damned creepy.

And tonight – boy do we know how to top off a day – we went to Bed Bath & Beyond because we needed new sheets. We found this afternoon that there was a hole torn in the sheets near the foot of the bed. I’d love to claim responsibility for this . . . but we’re pretty sure it was probably the washer or dryer that did it. Sad, but true. That’s reality.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sort of hoping another minor home disaster happened to keep me home tomorrow. I just would hope that it’s something inexpensive this time.


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