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February 5, 2008

The Breakdown: Iron Maiden, Killing Joke

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Iron Maiden – Live After Death (DVD): FINALLY! The moment Maiden fans have been waiting for – LAD on DVD years (almost “decades” now) after the video tape went out of print. I saw this in high school – nearly 20 years ago – and almost instantly regretted not buying a copy for myself. Held by many as the greatest live rock album of all time – me included – it seems ridiculous that it’s taken this long to officially be released on DVD. The band apparently really wanted to do this one right. Not only do we get the legendary concert full of giant mummified Eddies and such, we also get a second DVD filled with archival footage including the show that is said to rival the Live After Death show, Maiden’s 1985 Rock In Rio appearance (50 minutes), Behind the Iron Curtain (a 57 minute documentary shot in Poland and other eastern bloc countries,) the History of Iron Maiden, pt. 2 (50 minutes,) and a few other smaller things.

Killing Joke – Fire Dances, Night Time, Brighter Than A Thousand Suns, and Outside The Gate: There seems to be some confusion on which of these are coming out today, and which have actually already been released, so I’m throwing them all in at once. The Killing Joke remaster campaign has not been the most organized, but it has been one of the more respectful ones. Not only are they excellent quality remasters, the band has compiled intelligent and rewarding sets of bonus material for each album. In the case of Brighter, the album is almost entirely new – this version features the mixes the public never got to hear, which make it sound more like the traditional, ferocious Killing Joke and less like a synth-pop band. Also be on the lookout for a very limited edition of the band’s Extremities Dirt & Various Repressed Emotions which features a bonus disc of extras, greatly expanded book, and a disc-sized box to house it all in.


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