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February 13, 2008

Yelling into the void

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I am shaking my fist at you, week. It’s only Wednesday and I’m tired of you. We’re going to have to deal with each other for four more days so why don’t we just agree to disagree?

On Monday night I went out to check the air pressure in Alissa’s car’s tires, as she’s been getting suspiciously low gas mileage lately. The first three were all 4 or 5 pounds low, but when I looked at the right rear, I immediately saw the problem. It was nearly flat and, as luck would have it, right in my line of sight was the cause: a big-ass nail sitting right in one of the treads on the edge of the tire. I already knew this was trouble – this is the spot on the tire where few will rarely make a repair because it’s such a high-stress area.

I aired up the tires and found myself more annoyed when I realized that our little portable electric pump won’t work unless it’s charged, even if it’s plugged into the wall! Huh?! What kind of sense does that make? You mean to tell me that if I were to take this out on the road and needed to fill up several tires, and the battery in it ran low, that even plugging it into a running car’s lighter isn’t going to run the pump? Does that make any damned sense at all? Not to you nor I, but to the pump it did because that’s how it works. With 20+ pounds of air left to fill in the tire, I wasn’t about to get out the foot pump. I let the electric pump charge over night and finished before work in the morning.

What was alarming was that when I looked at all the tires I knew the prognosis was bad. All of the tires were right at the wear bars. I knew we weren’t going to get out of this without a set of new tires, but I hoped for the best. Hey, they had a good run – 63,000 miles with few rotations (due to my laziness) and less attention to pressure than they should have had, they lasted a long time. And that’s why I didn’t even resist getting another set of Michelins.

But it sucked. On top of the stupid $1500 paint job we had to do to our house last year that is barely noticeable, nearly $200 to fix our broken garage door spring last week, now this $600 for new tires, plus $200-250 for a repair to the CV boots on my truck this weekend (but, hey, so far the only repair I’ve had to do, at 55,000 miles, so . . . ) Yeah, these things happen, but why are they happening at the same time?

And then Amanda was in some mood last night. Just weirdly crabby and uncooperative when neither of us were really in the mood to deal with it. Kids have strange timing of when to be weird and difficult.

And then I’ve got two things going on with two companies I ordered stuff and from whom I haven’t heard anything from since then. I know they’re real, legit companies, but for some reason I just feel like my orders have fallen into oblivion. I’ve sent a couple of emails and gotten no responses, not even auto-responses, which is kind of like yelling into a canyon and not hearing an echo.

And then today more possibly crappy news, which I’m simply not prepared to discuss right now because it’s pointless until I know more. I know, why bother saying anything? I only mention it to point out the gestalt. At this point, it’s kind of a daily thing. “What annoying crap is going to go wrong today?”


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