Known Johnson

February 14, 2008


Filed under: General — Tom @ 9:38 pm

About all I can say on a day like Valentine’s Day is that I’m incredibly thankful that I have the beautiful, sweet Alissa, who must be the most understanding wife in the world. Not only does she not mind my music obsessions, she seems to understand, at least a little, about why I am the way I am because of it, and that it’s just a part of me that is inseparable. A lot of people wouldn’t understand that and would expect that I’d outgrow it over time, but it’s pretty clear that at approximately 10 days until I turn 35, I’m not outgrowing any behaviors that I exhibit. I am what I am and somehow she appreciates it. How could I not be thankful for her and love her deeply?

Not only that, but she gave me the greatest gift in the world, our beautiful, amazing daughter Amanda. There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t do something that puts a smile on my face, from pointing out every Jeep on the road to picking out instruments in the music she hears (“I hear a drum! And there’s a guitar!”) I hesitate to say it but that last part makes it sound like she may share her daddy’s interest in music . . . and I’m not sure how her mommy is going to feel about living with two music freaks around. She may just have to get used to it, I’m afraid.

Either way, I’m awful proud and happy where my life has taken me. Many look for bigger glories in life but this is what I need. What more could I need than this – I mean, I’ve got a little girl who uses terms like “boogering” to describe her nose getting stuffy and a wife that finds it hilarious. That might be about all the glory I can handle.


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