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February 15, 2008


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I am impatient. It’s childish and ridiculous, I know, especially when it comes to getting things – gimme now, gimme NOW, GIMME NOW GIMME I GOTTA HAVE IT. I’m impatient waiting two days to get a CD I ordered, a CD for which I had previously been perfectly content waiting until release date. I’m also impatient waiting in lines, watching people do dumb things that slow everyone else down – I’m not only impatient for myself but for everyone else. That’s kind of philanthropic, isn’t it?

I’m impatient about pointless processes and busy work – I do not abide these things easily and never have. In elementary school, I stopped doing handouts and such because I knew it was bullshit – the teacher showed us this stuff already, we worked examples of it, I learned how to do it, so now why do I have to keep doing it? My mom came home from a parent/teacher conference with an enormous stack of paperwork I had decided not to do at school in favor of something productive – drawing – and I would have to do all that busy work anyway. Impatience is ineffective even when it makes sense because someone else is always going to make you follow the damned procedures, no matter how stupid.

But one place time it is perfectly acceptable to be impatient is when you’re waiting for someone to tell you something very important, something you are fixated upon, something that is driving you crazy and could change your life. It is perfectly acceptable to stare at the phone and mentally flip it quite a few birds for not ringing with the information you wanted. Unfortunately, the phone does not respond to such insulting mental gestures, nor even physical ones. The phone does not respond to impatience. It is clearly more mature, but not in the slightest bit philanthropic.


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