Known Johnson

February 17, 2008

Salt nuts

Filed under: General — Tom @ 11:28 pm

I’ve been using my neti pot for the past month and now have run out of the included salt packets that go in the water for it, so I had to go find some salt this weekend. No way am I paying $7 for 60 little packets of salt when salt costs . . . whatever salt cost. It’s salt. It just has to be pure, non-iodized salt, and nothing but. That’s slightly harder to find but with the growing state of health-consciousness among us, there are many Sprouts and Whole Foods, etc., around where it can be found. I got a giant-ass bag of pure sea salt for something like $3.79. It’ll likely last me at least three lifetimes, and maybe I can also make some ice cream with it.

When I went to the register, the cashier asked me what I was doing with it and I mentioned the neti pot, which she didn’t seem to know about – odd, considering she worked at a health-food place and that’s where things like this are pretty frequent purchases, from what I read. “Reason I ask,” she said, tossing aside her hair from her left ear, “Is I got this piercing and it’s infected . . . ” It sure was – a hoop protruded from a big, red lump in the top of her ear, a very angry lump. ” . . . and I thought maybe using some salt water might disinfect it.” No, maybe getting to a doctor and getting some antibiotics for that would disinfect it. There’s something gross living in there, and you don’t want that getting any further. Nasty.

Took a longer-than-expected trip to Zia this afternoon, wandered around with a growing stack of CDs in my hands before my senses came to me and I put most of them back. One of the discs that came home with me was almost a complete guess – just something I kept seeing and decided to buy after a couple of years seeing it sitting there: Sonny Sharrock and Nicky Skopelitis’ Faith Moves. Just two weirdo guitar guys doing their thing and that’s it. I’ve got a copy of Sharrock’s long out of pring Ask The Ages and it’s an awesome thing, so I didn’t go into it completely blind, but I had no idea what to expect here. What I got was just what I needed – something weird but beautiful, alien and gorgeous, the sound of two guitar geniuses plugging in at that level where inspiration feeds them ideas that can’t fit into normal song structures. I’m hard-pressed to say exactly what this is – soul-rock-dub-jazz? Whatever it is, it is the kind of thing that I put on and immediately sighed relielf – this is exactly what I’ve been needing to hear.


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