Known Johnson

February 20, 2008


Filed under: Curiosities — Tom @ 2:21 pm

Why would someone put a Tivo sticker on their car? This branches off of my deep-seated need to know why anyone puts any sticker on their car, but I understand the need to show that you belong to groups. Favorite band stickers show solidarity with the kind of people who pick the kind of music you like. That I get, obviously being the music freak I am. I just don’t partake. Political stickers bother me because they’re topical and timely and as such they age rapidly, but they do have the benefit of making it easy to determine the way someone thinks without even actually looking at them. Most humorous stickers are funny the very first time you see them (granted, if at all funny), and then they stick around (literally) for ages before fading from the sunlight. The stickers, even the humor-intent ones, bond people in ways that would never be possible in passing cars. But Tivo? What are you saying with that? “I record shows to watch later”?

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